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Version 7.0.42, Jul 2 2013
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Tomcat 7.0.42 (markt)
fix Enforce the restriction described in section 4.4 of the Servlet 3.0 specification that requires the new pluggability methods only to be available to ServletContextListeners defined in one of the specified ways. (markt)
fix Better handle FORM authentication when requesting a resource as an unauthenticated user that is only protected for a sub-set of HTTP methods that does not include GET. (markt)
fix 53777: Add support for a JAAS Realm instance to use a dedicated configuration rather than the JVM global JAAS configuration. This is most likely to be useful for per web application JAAS Realms. Based on a patch by eolivelli. (markt)
fix 54745: Fix JAR file scanning when Tomcat is deployed via Java Web Start. Patch provided by Nick Williams. (markt)
add 55017: Add the ability to configure the RMI bind address when using the JMX remote lifecycle listener. Patch provided by Alexey Noskov. (markt)
fix 55071: Ensure original exception is reported if JDBC Realm fails to read a user's credentials. (markt)
fix 55073, 55108, 55109, 55110, 55158 & 55159: Small performance improvements. Patches provided by Adrian Nistor. (markt/violetagg)
add 55102: Add support for time to first byte in the AccessLogValve. Patch provided by Jeremy Boynes. (markt)
fix 55125: If the Server container fails to start, don't allow the Catalina wrapper to start (used when running from the command line and when running as a service) since Tomcat will not be able to do any useful work. (markt)
fix Update the JreMemoryLeakPreventionListener to take account of changes in the behaviour of java.beans.Introspector.flushCaches() and sun.awt.AppContext.getAppContext() in Java 7. (markt)
fix Avoid WARNING log message of Users:type=UserDatabase,database=UserDatabase at Tomcat shutdown. (pero)
fix Avoid ClassCastException when an asynchronous dispatch is invoked in an asynchronous cycle which is started by a call to ServletRequest.startAsync(ServletRequest,ServletResponse) where ServletRequest/ServletResponse are custom implementations. (violetagg)
fix Correct a regression introduced in 7.0.39 (refactoring of base 64 encoding and decoding) that broke the JNDI Realm when userPassword was set and passwords were hashed with MD5 or SHA1. (markt/kkolinko)
fix Correct the mechanism for the path calculation in AsyncContext.dispatch(). (violetagg)
fix 55155: Avoid constant focus grabbing when running the Tomcat unit tests under Java 6 on OSX. Patch provided by Casey Lucas. (markt)
fix 55160: Don't ignore connectionUploadTimeout setting when using HTTP NIO connector. (markt)
fix 55176: Correctly handle regular expressions within SSI expressions that contain an equals character. (markt)
fix 55177: Correctly handle infinite soTimeout for BIO HTTP connector. Based on a patch by Nick Bunn. (markt)
fix 55180: Correctly handle infinite soTimeout when disableUploadTimeout is set to false. Patch provided by Nick Bunn. (violetagg)
fix Delete leftover of war file from tempDir when removing invalid FileMessageFactory. (kfujino)
fix Ensure that the keepAlive of NioSender works correctly when keepAliveCount/keepAliveTime is set to a value greater than 0. (kfujino)
add Add logging of when a member is unable to join the cluster. (kfujino)
fix Replace Tribes's TaskQueue as executor's workQueue in order to ensure that executor's maxThread works correctly. (kfujino)
fix 54086: Fix an additional code path that could lead to multiple threads attempting to modify the same selector key set. (markt)
Web applications
add Complete the document for MessageDispatch15Interceptor. (kfujino)
add 53655: Document the circumstances under which Tomcat will add a javax.mail.Authenticator to mail sessions created via a JNDI resource. (markt)
fix 55179: Correct the Javadoc for the remote IP valve so the correct name is used to refer to the proxiesHeader property. (markt)
fix 55031: Fixed Export-Package header and uses directives in MANIFEST.MF. Change the version for package org.apache.juli.logging to "0" in Import-Package header. Thus any version of that package can be used. Patch provided by Martin Lichtin. (violetagg)
update Update Maven Cental location used to download dependencies at build time to be (kkolinko)
update Update JUnit to version 4.11. Configure separate download for Hamcrest 1.3 core library as its classes are no longer included in junit.jar. (kkolinko)
fix 54013: When using a forced stop, allow a short period of time (5s) for the process to die before returning. Patch provided by mukarram.baig. (markt)
fix 55119: Ensure that the build process produces Javadoc that is not vulnerable to CVE-2013-1571. Based on a patch by Uwe Schindler. (markt)
Tomcat 7.0.41 (markt)2013-06-10
fix 54703: Make parsing of HTTP Content-Type headers tolerant of any CR or LF characters that appear in the value passed by the application. Also fix some whitespace parsing issues identified by the additional test cases. (markt)
fix Prevent possible WAR file locking when reading a context.xml file from an unexpanded WAR file. Note that in normal usage, the JreMemoryLeakPreventionListener would protect against this. (markt)
fix Ensure that when auto deployment runs for a Host, it uses the latest values for copyXML, deployXML and unpackWARs. (markt)
fix 54939: Provide logging (using a UserDataHelper) when HTTP header parsing fails (e.g. when maxHeaderCount is exceeded). (markt)
add 54944: Enhancements to the unit tests for FORM authentication. Patch provided by Brian Burch. (markt)
fix 54955: When a reload of the application is performed ensure that a subsequent request to the context root does not result in a 404 response. (violetagg)
fix 54971: Ensure that the correct location is used when writing files via javax.servlet.http.Part.write(String). (markt)
fix 54974: Ensure that SessionCookieConfig#set<methods> will throw IllegalStateException if the ServletContext from which this SessionCookieConfig was acquired has already been initialized. (violetagg)
fix 54981: Ensure that ServletContext#getJspConfigDescriptor() will return null when there is no jsp configuration provided by web.xml/web-fragment.xml. (violetagg)
fix Ensure that when Tomcat's anti-resource locking features are used that the temporary copy of the web application and not the original is removed when the web application stops. (markt)
fix 54984: Use the correct encoding when processing a form data posted as multipart/form-data even when the request parameters are not parsed. (violetagg)
fix 54999: The old JSESSIONIDSSO needs to be removed when SSO is being used and logout() and login() occur within a single request. Patch provided by Keith Mashinter. (markt)
add 55035: Add support for the version attribute to the deploy command of the Ant tasks for interfacing with the text based Manager application. Patch provided by Sergey Tcherednichenko. (markt)
add 55046: Add a Servlet Filter that implements CORS. Patch provided by Mohit Soni. (markt)
add 55052: JULI's LogManager now additionally looks for logging properties without prefixes if the property cannot be found with a prefix. (markt)
fix Ensure that only the first asynchronous dispatch operation for a given asynchronous cycle will be performed. Any subsequent asynchronous dispatch operation for the same asynchronous cycle will be ignored and IllegalStateException will be thrown. (violetagg)
fix 54947: Fix the HTTP NIO connector that incorrectly rejected a request if the CRLF terminating the request line was split across multiple packets. Patch by Konstantin Preißer. (markt)
fix 54964: Allow tag plug-ins to be packaged with a web application. Patch provided by Sheldon Shao. (markt)
fix 54968: Return the correct version number (2.2) of the JSP specification that is supported by the JSP engine when javax.servlet.jsp.JspEngineInfo#getSpecificationVersion() is invoked. (violetagg)
add Add maxValidTime attribute to prevent the leak of FileMessageFactory in FarmWarDeployer. (kfujino)
code Simplify the code of ReplicationValve: Rather than get cluster instance from container on every request, use instance variable. (kfujino)
add Add maxWait attribute that the senderPool will wait when there are no available senders. (kfujino)
add Improve error message by including specified timeout if failed to retrieve a data sender. (kfujino)
add Add removeSuspectsTimeout attribute in order to remove a suspect node in TcpFailureDetector. (kfujino)
Web applications
fix 54931: Add information to the Window Service how-to about installing and running multiple instances. Based on a patch by Chris Derham. (markt)
fix 54932: Correct the link to Tribes documentation. (violetagg)
add Add document for (kfujino)
Tomcat 7.0.40 (markt)2013-05-09
update Update Tomcat's internal copy of Commons FileUpload to FileUpload 1.3. (markt)
fix 54178: Protect against AsyncListener implementations that throw RuntimeExceptions in response to an event. (markt)
fix 54791: Restore tools.jar entry in jarsToSkip property to prevent warnings when running Tomcat from Eclipse. (markt)
fix 54851: When scanning for web fragments, directories without any web-fragment.xml should not impact the status of distributable element. Patch provided by Trask Stalnaker. (violetagg)
fix When an error occurs during the sending of a WebSocket message, notify the Inbound side (where all the events occur that the application reacts to) that an error has occurred and that the connection is being closed. (markt)
fix 54906: Better error message if a ConcurrentModificationException occurs while checking for memory leaks when a web application stops. Also ensure that the exception does not cause remaining checks to be skipped. Based on a patch by NateC.
fix Allow 204 responses (no content) to include entity headers as required by RFC2616. (markt)
fix Ensure write errors when using HTTP Upgrade with the APR/native connector result in IOExceptions rather than errors being silently swallowed. (markt)
fix 54802: Provide location information for exceptions thrown by JspDocumentParser. (kkolinko)
fix 54801: Do not attempt to parse text that looks like an EL expressions inside a scriptlet in a JSP document because EL expressions are not permitted in scriptlets. (kkolinko/markt)
fix 54821: Do not attept to parse text that looks like an EL expressions in a JSP document if EL expressions have been disabled. (kkolinko/markt)
fix 54888: Add support for CSV lists with the ForEach tag plugin. Patch provided by Sheldon Shao. (markt)
fix Add several improvements for FarmWarDeployer. (kfujino)
Web applications
fix 54872: Correct Cluster Receiver page of Tomcat documentation. (violetagg)
update Document StatementCache interceptor. (kkolinko)
fix Fix minor threading issue in ConnectionPool. (markt/kkolinko)
fix 54732: Fix leak of statements in StatementCache interceptor. (kkolinko)
fix Fix NPE in SlowQueryReportJmx when running TestSlowQueryReport test. (kkolinko)
update Update to Eclipse JDT Compiler 4.2.2. (kkolinko)
update 54890: Update to Apache Commons Daemon 1.0.15. (mturk)
update Convert remaining unit tests to JUnit 4 and enable Checkstyle rule that forbids use of methods from JUnit 3. (markt/kkolinko)
fix Remove unneeded permissions for reading UserDataHelper properties from catalina.policy file. The class that needed those was moved in 7.0.26. (kkolinko)
Tomcat 7.0.39 (markt)2013-03-26
fix Ensure a log message is generated when a web application fails to start due to an error processing a ServletContainerInitializer. (markt)
fix Prevent NPE in JAR scanning when running in an environment where the bootstrap class loader is not an ancestor of the web application class loader such as OSGi environments. (violetagg)
fix Ensure that, if a call to UEncoder#encodeURL is made, all internal structures are properly cleaned. (violetagg)
add 54660: Enable the modification of an access log's fileDateFormat attribute while the access log is in use. The change will take effect when the next entry is made to the access log. (markt)
update Update Tomcat's internal copy of Commons FileUpload to FileUpload trunk, revision 1458500 and the associated extract from Commons IO to 2.4. (markt)
fix 54702: Prevent file descriptors leak and ensure that files are closed when parsing web application deployment descriptors. (violetagg)
fix 54707: Further relax the parsing of DIGEST authentication headers to allow for buggy clients that quote values that RFC2617 states should not be quoted. (markt/kkolinko)
fix Enable support for MBeans with multiple operations with the same name but different signatures. (markt)
code Deprecate Tomcat's internal Base 64 encoder/decoder and switch to using a package renamed copy of the Commons Codec implementation. (markt)
fix Ensure that StandardJarScanner#scan will use the provided class loader when scanning the class loader hierarchy. (violetagg)
fix 54690: Fix a regression caused by the previous fix for 54406. If no values are specified for sslEnabledProtocols or ciphers use the default values for server sockets rather than the default values for client sockets. (markt)
Web applications
update Correct Deployer, Manager and Context pages of Tomcat documentation. (kkolinko)
fix 52318: Version for imported package org.apache.juli.logging is extended to include also 7.0.x versions. The fix is applicable only when running in OSGi environment. Patch provided by Martin Lichtin. (violetagg)
fix 54599: Do not print connection password in PoolProperties.toString(). Based on a patch by Daniel Mikusa. (kkolinko)
fix 54684: Add javax.naming.spi to Import-Package header in MANIFEST.MF in order to resolve ClassNotFoundException when running in OSGi environment. (violetagg)
fix Update to Apache Commons Daemon 1.0.14 to resolve 54609 which meant that installation of Windows service could fail producing incorrect service launch command. (mturk)
fix Ensure HEAD requests return the correct content length when the requested resource uses a Writer. Patch by Nick Williams. (markt)
Tomcat 7.0.38 (markt)not released
fix Ensure that the request start time (used by the access log valve to calculate request processing time) is correctly recorded for the HTTP NIO connector. In some cases the request processing time may have been longer than that recorded. (markt)
update Add one more library from JDK 7 to the value of jarsToSkip property in the file. (kkolinko)
add 53871: If annotation scanning results in a StackOverflowError due to broken class dependencies, add the class hierarchy that triggered the exception to the error message. (markt)
add Add a new option to the standard JarScanner implementation (scanBootstrapClassPath) to control if the bootstrap classpath is scanned or not. By default, it will not be scanned. (markt)
update Provide more consolidated servlet MBean data in the webapp MBean. (rjung)
fix 54584: Take account of the delegate attribute when building the web application class path to pass to the JSP compiler. (markt)
fix Copy the updated and re-packaged UTF-8 decoder from Tomcat 8.0.x and use this improved decoder for WebSocket connections. Remove the WebSocket specific UTF-8 decoder. (markt)
fix 54602: Recycle the byte to character converter used for URIs between requests to ensure an error in one request does not trigger a failure in the next request. (markt)
fix Use the newly added improved UTF-8 decoder for decoding UTF-8 encoded URIs and UTF-8 encoded request bodies. Invalid UTF-8 URIs will not cause an error but will make use of the replacement character when an error is detected. This will allow web applications to handle the URI which will most likely result in a 404 response. The fall-back to decoding with ISO-8859-1 if UTF-8 decoding fails has been removed. Invalid UTF-8 sequences in a request body will trigger an IOException. The way the decoder is used has also been improved. The notable change is that invalid sequences at the end of the input now trigger an error rather than being silently swallowed. (markt)
fix 54624: Ensure that the correct request body length is used when swallowing a request body after FORM authentication prior to restoring the original request preventing possible hanging when restoring POST requests submitted over AJP. (markt)
fix 54628: When writing binary WebSocket messages write from start position in array rather than the start of the array. Patch provided by blee. (markt)
code Refactor char encoding/decoding using NIO APIs. (remm)
Web applications
fix 54203: Complete the Javadoc for javax.servlet.http.Part. (markt)
fix 54638: Fix display of "Used" memory value for memory pools on the status page in Manager web application when the page is rendered as XML. (kkolinko)
fix Correct typos in configuration samples on SSL Configuration page of Tomcat documentation. (kkolinko)
update Disable support for comments on Changelog page of Tomcat documentation. (kkolinko)
fix Fix several issues with status.xsd schema in Manager web application, testing it against actual output of StatusTransformer class. (kkolinko)
fix Clarify the documentation on how context paths may be configured for web applications. (markt)
update 54601: Change to consistently use LOGGING_MANAGER variable to configure logging, instead of modifying JAVA_OPTS one. (kkolinko)
Tomcat 7.0.37 (markt)2013-02-18
fix 54521: Ensure that concurrent requests that require a DIGEST authentication challenge receive different nonce values. (markt)
fix 54534: Ensure that, if a call to StandardWrapper#isSingleThreadModel() triggers the loading of a Servlet, the correct class loader is used. (markt)
fix 54536: Ensure the default error page is displayed if a custom HTTP status code is used when calling HttpServletResponse#sendError(int, String). (markt)
fix 54456: Ensure that if a client aborts a request when sending a chunked request body that this is communicated correctly to the client reading the request body. (markt)
update Update the native component of the APR/native connector to 1.1.27 and make that version the recommended minimum version. (markt)
add 54239: Enable web applications to provide their own Expression Language interpreter to enable them to optimise processing of expressions. Based on a patch by Sheldon Shao. (markt)
Web applications
add 54505: Create clearer links from the JNDI How-To to the Tomcat specific options for configuring JNDI resources. (markt)
update Update to Apache Commons Daemon 1.0.13. (markt)
Tomcat 7.0.36 (markt)not released
fix Make additional allowances for buggy client implementations of HTTP DIGEST authentication. This is a follow-on to 54060. (markt)
fix 54438: Fix a regression in the fix for 52953 that triggered a NPE when digested passwords were used and an authentication attempt was made for a user that did not exist in the realm. (markt)
fix 54448: Correctly handle @Resource annotations on primitives. Patch provided by Violeta Georgieva. (markt)
fix 54450: Correctly handle resource injection when part of the servlet properties uses @Resource and the other uses injection-target. Patch provided by Violeta Georgieva. (markt)
fix 54458: Include exception when logging errors in the DataSourceRealm. Patch provided by Violeta Georgieva. (markt)
fix 54483: Correct one of the Spanish translations. Based on a suggestion from adinamita. (markt)
fix Prevent the SSO deregister when web application is stopped or reloaded. When StandardManager(pathname="") or DeltaManager stops normally, all sessions in the context are expired. In this case, because most sessions is not time-out, SSO deregister was triggered. (kfujino)
fix Include the exception in the log message if the parsing of the context.xml file fails. (markt/kkolinko)
fix 54497: Make memory leak detection code more robust so a failure in the leak detection code does not prevent the Context from stopping unless the error is fatal to the JVM. (markt)
fix 54507: Do not start the background thread that is used for expiring sessions (amongst other things) until the web application is fully started. Stop the background thread as soon as the web application is stopped. (markt)
fix Allow WebSocket Ping/Pong messages to be sent between fragments of a fragmented message. (markt)
fix 54612: Check if the socket is closed before trying to write a WebSocket message to it. Also, flush any partial buffered data before closing the socket. (markt)
fix 54324: Allow APR connector to disable TLS compression if OpenSSL supports it. (schultz)
fix 54406: Fix NIO HTTPS connector to prune specified ciphers and sslEnableProtocols options to those supported by the SSL implementation, sharing logic with the BIO connector. Modified ciphers and sslEnabledProtocols option pruning to not silently revert to JVM defaults when none of the options specified are supported - new behaviour is to warn and explicitly enable no options. (timw)
fix Align NIO HTTP connector with other HTTP connectors and include leading blank lines when determining the size of the HTTP headers. (markt)
fix 53869: Performance improvement for pages with lots of heavily nested tags. Retain a reference to the root JSP context rather than traversing the hierarchy on every call. Based on a patch suggested by Sheldon Shao. (markt)
fix 54440: Correct a regression caused by the changes for 54240 that broke compilation of JSPs with JspC. Patch provided by Sheldon Shao. (markt)
fix 54466: Improve error message by including the name of the file when the java file generated from a tag file cannot be compiled. Based on a patch by Sheldon Shao. (markt)
fix Fix incorrect increment of counterSend_EVT_SESSION_EXPIRED and counterSend_EVT_CHANGE_SESSION_ID. These values are not incremented if no members active in cluster group. (kfujino)
fix 54476: Correct error in Javadoc of GroupChannel send methods to maker clear that the minimum length of the destination member array is one, not two. (markt)
fix Prevent SSO deregister when node shutdown normally in cluster environment. (kfujino)
fix Check cluster member before sending replicate message in ClusterSingleSignOn. (kfujino)
Web applications
fix 54461: Improve the documentation for the compiler attribute in the Jasper how-to. (markt)
add Add Jespa to the list of third-party Windows authentication providers and make external links in the documentation for those providers no-follow. (markt)
fix 54496: Don't use a hard-coded class name in MemberImpl.toString(). (markt)
update Update to Apache Commons Daemon 1.0.12. (markt)
Tomcat 7.0.35 (markt)2013-01-16
fix 54247: Prevent ClassNotFoundExceptions on stop when running as a service. (markt)
fix 54249: Ensure resource properties are available when the context path contains encoded characters such as a space. This triggered compilation issues in Jasper. Patch provided by Polina Genova. (markt)
fix 54256: Improve error reporting when a JAR file fails extension validation by including the name of the JAR file in the exception. (markt)
fix Allow web applications to be stopped cleanly even if filters throw exceptions when their destroy() method is called. (markt/kkolinko)
fix Fix memory leak of servlet instances when running with a SecurityManager and either init() or destroy() methods fail or the servlet is a SingleThreadModel one. (kkolinko)
code Cleanup method cache lookup code in SecurityUtil class. (kkolinko)
add Make the Tomcat 7 non-JSR356 WebSocket implementation non-blocking (where supported by the connector) between the HTTP upgrade and the first WebSocket message from the client to the server. (markt)
fix 54262: Ensure that an empty <absolute-ordering /> element in the main web.xml file disables scanning for web fragments. Based on a patch by Violeta Georgieva. (markt)
fix 54284: As per clarification from the Servlet EG, anonymous Filters and Servlets are not permitted. Patch by Violeta Georgieva. (markt)
fix 54371: Prevent exceptions when processing web fragments for unexpanded WAR files when the context path contains characters that need to be encoded in URLs such as spaces. Based on a patch by Polina Genova. (markt)
add 54372: Make HTTP Digest authentication header parsing tolerant of invalid headers sent by known buggy clients. (markt)
fix 54377: Correctly set request attributes for AccessLog in RemoteIpFilter. Patch by Violeta Georgieva. (markt)
fix 54379: Implement support for post-construct and pre-destroy elements in web.xml. Patch by Violeta Georgieva. (markt)
fix 54380: Do not try to register servlets or contexts into the mapper too early (which just caused a warning to be logged). (kkolinko)
fix Fix NPE in WebappLoader.stopInternal when stop is called after a failed start. (kkolinko)
add 54381: Add support for receiving WebSocket pong messages. (markt)
fix 54382: Fix NPE when SSI processing is enabled and an empty SSI directive is present. (markt)
fix Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in HttpParser when parsing incorrect HTTP headers. (kkolinko)
fix 54387: Deployment must fail when multiple servlets are mapped to the same url-pattern. (markt)
fix 54391: Provide a value for the javax.servlet.context.orderedLibs attribute. (markt)
fix 54248: Ensure that byte order marks are swallowed when using a Reader to read a request body with a BOM for those encodings that require byte order marks. (markt)
fix Fix release of processors in AjpNioProtocol. Wrong object was used as a key in the connections map. (kkolinko)
add 54240: Add support for auto-detection and configuration of JARs on the classpath that provide tag plug-in implementations. Based on a patch by Sheldon Shao. (markt)
fix 54241: Revert the fix for 35410 as it was not compliant with the JSP specification, specifically that <%= obj %> must be translated to out.print(obj) which in turn becomes out.write(String.valueOf(obj)). This will trigger a NullPointerException if obj.toString() returns null. The fix for 35410 incorrectly suppressed the NullPointerException in this case. (markt)
fix 54242: Correct handle null iterations with in the JSTL ForEach tag plug-in implementation. Patch provided by Sheldon Shao. (markt)
fix 54260: Avoid NullPointerException when using JSP unloading and tag files. (markt)
fix 54370: Improve handling of nulls when trying to match sets of parameters to a method in EL. (markt)
fix 54338: Correctly coerce the value to the expected type when using the tag plug-in for the JSTL set tag. Patch provided by Sheldon Shao. (markt)
Web applications
fix 54244: Clarify the documentation for the BIO and NIO SSL configuration attributes sslEnabledProtocols and sslProtocol within the documentation web application. (markt)
add Integrate documentation of Tomcat 7 with Apache Comments System. People can leave their comments when reading documentation online at the site. (rjung)
fix 54390: Use 'java_home' on Mac OS X to auto-detect JAVA_HOME. (schultz)
Tomcat 7.0.34 (markt)2012-12-12
fix 53871: Improve error message if annotation scanning fails during web application start due to poor configuration or illegal cyclic inheritance with the application's classes. (markt)
fix Fix unit test for AccessLogValve when using non-GMT time zone. (rjung)
fix 54170: Ensure correct registration of Filters and Servlets in the JMX registry if the Filter or Servlet name includes a character that must be quoted if used in an ObjectName value. (markt)
add Add new attribute renameOnRotate to the AccessLogValve. (rjung)
fix 54190: Correct unit tests for BASIC authentication so that session timeout is correctly tested. Also refactor unit test to make it easier to add additional tests. Patch by Brian Burch. (markt)
fix 54220: Ensure the ErrorReportValve only generates an error report if the error flag on the response has been set. (markt)
fix Simplify time zone handling in the access log valve and correctly handle various edge cases for non-standard DST changes. (markt)
Web applications
fix 54198: Clarify that HttpServletResponse.sendError(int) results in an HTML response by default. (markt)
fix 54207: Correct JNDI factory package name in Javadoc for (markt)
code Fix a handful of Eclipse warnings in the JDBC pool source code including the warnings reported in 53565. (markt)
fix 54150: Make sure that SlowQueryReportJmx mbean deregistered during webapp shutdown. Reported by Alex Franken. (kfujino)
fix 54194: Make sure that connection pool mbean is not registered when jmxEnabled is false. Patch provided by tobias.gierke. (kfujino)
update Update to Eclipse JDT Compiler 4.2.1. (markt)
Tomcat 7.0.33 (markt)2012-11-21
add 53960, 54115: Extensions to HttpClient test helper class. Patches by Brian Burch. (markt/kkolinko)
fix 53993: Avoid a possible NPE in the AccessLogValve when the session ID is logged and a session is invalidated. (markt)
fix Add support for LAST_ACCESS_AT_START system property to PersistentManager. (kfujino)
add Update MIME type mapping with additional / updated mime.types from the Apache web server. (markt)
fix 54007: Fix a memory leak that prevented deletion of a context.xml file associated with a Context that had failed to deploy. Also fix the problems uncovered with undeploying such a Context once the leak had been fixed and the file could be deleted. (markt)
fix 54044: Correct bug in timestamp cache used by logging (including the access log valve) that meant entries could be made with an earlier timestamp than the true timestamp. (markt)
fix 54054: Do not share shell environment variables between multiple instances of the CGI servlet. (markt)
fix 54060: Use a simple parser rather than a regular expression to parse HTTP Digest authentication headers so the header is correctly parsed. The new approach is also faster and generates less garbage. (markt)
fix 54068: Rewrite the web fragment ordering algorithm to resolve multiple issues that resulted in incorrect ordering or failure to find a correct, valid order. (markt)
update The HTTP header parser added to address 52811 has been removed and replaced with the light-weight HTTP header parser created to address 54060. The new parser includes a work-around for a bug in the Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.x plug-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer that was identified when the old parser was introduced (53814).
fix 54076: Add an alternative work-around for clients that use SPNEGO authentication and expect the authenticated user to be cached per connection (Tomcat only does this if an HTTP session is available). (markt)
fix 54087: Correctly handle (ignore) invalid If-Modified-Since header rather than throwing an exception. (markt)
fix 54096: In web.xml, <env-entry> should accept any type that has a constructor that takes a single String or char. (markt)
add 54127: Add support for sending a WebSocket Ping. Patch provided by Sean Winterberger. (markt)
fix In FormAuthenticator: If it is configured to change Session IDs, do the change before displaying the login form. (kkolinko)
fix Ensure AsyncListener.timeout() and AsyncListener.complete() are called with the correct thread context class loader. (fhanik)
fix 54123: If an asynchronous request times out without any AsyncListeners defined, a 500 error will be triggered. (markt)
fix 54124: Correct provided value of request attribute javax.servlet.async.request_uri and add missing request attribute javax.servlet.async.path_info. (markt)
add Add denyStatus initialization parameter to CsrfPreventionFilter, allowing to customize the HTTP status code used for denied requests. (kkolinko)
fix 54141: Increase the permitted number of nested Realm levels from 2 to 3 by default and make the limit configurable via a system property. (markt)
fix Revert occasional API change in BaseDirContext class that was done in 7.0.32. Methods should not be final. (kkolinko)
fix Prevent failures in the AccessLogValve when running under a SecurityManager and the first request received is an asynchronous one. (markt)
fix Correct an issue that prevented WebSockets from being used over SSL when using the HTTP NIO connector. (markt)
fix 54022: Ensure the Comet END event is triggered on client disconnect with APR/native on Windows Vista/2k8 or later. Patch provided by Douglas Beachy. (markt)
fix 54067: Ensure responses with 1xx response codes are correctly marked as not containing an entity body. This caused an issue for some WebSocket clients when an Transfer-Encoding header was sent with the 101 (HTTP upgrade) response. (markt)
code 53867: Optimise the XML escaping provided by the PageContext implementation. Based on a patch by Sheldon Shao. (markt)
code 53896: Use an optimised CompositeELResolver for Jasper that skips resolvers that are known to be unable to resolve the value. Patch by Jarek Gawor. (markt)
fix 53986: Correct a regression introduced by the fix for 53713. JSP comments that ended with the sequence ---%> (or any similar sequence with a odd number of - characters) was not correctly parsed. (markt)
fix 54011: Fix a bug in the tag plug-in for <c:out> that triggered a JSP compilation error if the escapeXml attribute was used. Patch provided by Sheldon Shao. (markt)
code Follow up to 54011. Simplify generated code for <c:out>. Based on a patch by Sheldon Shao. (markt)
fix 54012: Fix a bug in the tag plug-in infrastructure that meant the <c:set> triggered a JSP compilation error when used in a tag file. Based on a patch provided by Sheldon Shao. (markt)
code 54017: Simplify coercion of String instances to Object. (markt)
fix 54144: Fix a bug in the tag plug-in for <c:out> that meant that if the value of the tag evaluated to a object then it was not correctly handled. (markt)
fix Add getSessionIdsFull operation to mbeans-descriptor. listSessionIdsFull no longer exist. (kfujino)
fix 54086: Fix threading issue when stopping an NioReceiver. (markt)
Web applications
add 54143: Add display of the memory pools usage (including PermGen) to the Status page of the Manager web application. (kkolinko)
fix 54045: Make sure getMembers() returns available member when TcpFailureDetector works in static cluster. (kfujino)
Tomcat 7.0.32 (markt)2012-10-09
fix Revert multiple operation support for the JMXProxyServlet pending further discussion. (schultz)
fix CVE-2012-4431: Fix bypass of CsrfPreventionFilter when there is no session. Improve session management in the filter. (kkolinko)
Web applications
fix Correct the couple of broken links in the Tomcat Javadoc. (markt)
update Update optional Checkstyle library to 5.6. (kkolinko)
Tomcat 7.0.31 (markt)not released
update Add one library from JDK 7 to the value of jarsToSkip property in the file. (kkolinko)
add 52777: Add an option to automatically remove old, unused versions (ones where there are no longer any active sessions) of applications deployed using parallel deployment. (markt)
fix 53828: Use correct status code when closing a WebSocket connection normally in response to a close frame from a client. (markt)
update JMXProxyServlet now allows multiple operation commands like invokeAndSet, invokeAndGet, etc. (schultz) Note: reverted in 7.0.32.
fix 53843: request.isAsyncStarted() must continue to return true until the dispatch actually happens (which at the earliest isn't until the thread where startAsync() was called returns to the container). (markt)
fix 53863: Ensure the the implicit servlets (JSP and default) are marked as override-able when using embedded mode. (markt)
fix When the DefaultServlet is under heavy load, the HTTP header parser added to address 52811 generates large amounts of garbage and uses significant CPU time. A cache has been added that significantly reduces the overhead of this parser. (markt)
fix 53854: Make directory listings work correctly when aliases are used. (markt)
code 53713: Performance improvement of up to four times faster parsing of JSP pages. Patch provided by Sheldon Shao. (markt)
add Make the cluster members and the cluster deployer associated with the cluster accessible via JMX. (markt)
fix Fix a behavior of TcpPingInterceptor#useThread. If set to false, ping thread is never started. (kfujino)
Web applications
add Improve the documentation web application to clarify the difference between the tag and version parameters when using text interface of the Manager web application. (markt)
add Make sessions saved in the Store associated with a Manager that extends PersistentManager optionally visible (via the showProxySessions Servlet initialisation parameter in web.xml) to the Manager web application. (markt)
Tomcat 7.0.30 (markt)released 2012-09-06
fix Automatically delete temporary files used by Servlet 3.0 file upload (for parts which size is greater than file-size-threshold option in web.xml) when request processing completes. (kkolinko)
fix 53071: This additional fix for this issue improves the formatting of Jasper errors (or any exceptions that use a multi-line message) with the ErrorReportValve. (markt)
fix 53469: If a URL passed to javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse.encodeURL() cannot be made absolute, never encode it and return it unchanged. Previously, the fix for 53062 meant than an IllegalArgumentException was thrown. (markt)
fix 53481: Added support for SSLHonorCipherOrder to allow the server to impose its cipher order on the client. Based on a patch provided by Marcel Šebek. This feature requires Tomcat Native 1.1.25 or later. (schultz)
fix 53498: Fix atomicity bugs in use of concurrent collections. Based on a patch by Yu Lin. (markt)
fix Correct a regression in the previous fix for 53062 that did not always correctly normalize redirect URLs when the redirect URL included a query string or fragment component. (markt)
fix Add missing getter and setter for roleSearchAsUser option on JNDI Realm. (markt)
update Add some HTTP status codes registered at IANA. (rjung)
fix 53531: Fix ExpandWar.expand to check the return value of File.mkdir and File.mkdirs. (schultz)
fix 53535: Reduce memory footprint when performing class scanning on Context start. Patch provided by Cedomir Igaly. (markt)
fix 53541: Fix JAR scanning when WEB-INF/lib is provided via VirtualDirContext. Patch provided by Philip Zuev. (markt)
fix 53574: Ensure Servlets defined using jsp-file are available when metadata-complete is true. (markt)
fix 53584: Ignore path parameters when comparing URIs for FORM authentication. This prevents users being prompted twice for passwords when logging in when session IDs are being encoded as path parameters. (markt)
fix 53623: When performing a asynchronous dispatch after series of forwards, ensure that the request properties are correct for the request at each stage. (markt)
fix 53624: Ensure that HttpServletResponse.sendRedirect() works when called after a dispatch from an AsyncContext. (markt)
fix 53641: Correct name of HTTP header used in WebSocket handshake for listing the preferred protocols. (markt)
code Document the constants that were added to the RequestDispatcher interface in Servlet 3.0. (kkolinko)
fix Ensure custom error pages are not truncated if the page that triggered the error set a content length header. (markt)
fix 53677: Ensure that a 500 response rather than no response is returned if the HTTP headers exceed the size limit. (markt)
fix 53702: When merging web.xml fragments, allow for <jsp-property-group> elements having multiple <url-pattern> elements. (markt)
add Always make the resulting web.xml available even if metadata-complete is true. (markt)
fix 53714: Provide separate system properties to control which JARs are excluded from which scans when using the JarScanner. This allows JARs to be excluded from all scans or only from TLD scanning and/or Servlet 3.0 pluggability scanning. (markt)
update Add several JDK libraries to the value of jarsToSkip property in the file. (markt, kkolinko)
fix Fix typos etc. in the code that logs merged web.xml (as enabled by logEffectiveWebXml option on Context). (kkolinko)
fix 53758: When adding filters via FilterRegistration.Dynamic the filters were added at the wrong point because the isMatchAfter logic was inverted. (markt)
fix 53783: Correctly handle JARs generated by tools that do not create specific entries for directories. Patch provided by Violeta Georgieva. (markt)
fix Improvements to DIGEST authenticator including the disabling caching of authenticated user in session by default, tracking server rather than client nonces and better handling of stale nonce values. (markt)
fix Improve performance of DIGEST authenticator for concurrent requests. (markt)
fix CVE-2012-3546: Fix bypass of security constraint checks with FORM authentication. Remove unneeded processing in RealmBase. (kkolinko)
fix 53800: FileDirContext.list() did not provide correct paths for subdirectories. Patch provided by Kevin Wooten. (kkolinko)
fix 53801: Overlapping URL patterns were sometimes merged incorrectly in security constraints leading to incorrect 401 responses. Note: it was possible for access to be denied when it should have been granted but it was not possible for access to be granted when it should have been denied. (markt)
fix Remove the socket.soTrafficClass from the BIO and NIO HTTP and AJP connectors because any use of the option is either ignored or in some cases (Java 7 with NIO) throws an Exception. (mark)
fix Prevent possible NPE when processing Comet requests during Connector shutdown. (markt)
fix 42181: Better handling of edge conditions in chunk header processing. (kkolinko)
fix 53697: Correct a regression in the fix for 51881 that mean that in some circumstances the comet flag was not reset on HttpAprProcessor instances. This caused problems when the Processor was re-used for a new connection that would trigger a NullPointerException and could result in a JVM crash. (markt)
fix 53725: Fix possible corruption of GZIP'd output. (markt/kkolinko)
fix Better parsing of line-terminators for requests using chunked encoding. (markt)
fix Further improvements to handling of Comet END events when the connector is stopped. (markt)
fix 53545: Ensure buffered data is cleared when using a jsp:forward action inside a classic custom tag. (markt)
fix 53654: Support file:// URLs for JSP dependencies. Patch provided by Viola Lu. (markt)
fix 53792: Support MethodExpressions that include a method invocation that is not at the end of the expression. (markt)
fix Fix an issue when running under Java 7 which throws exceptions when trying to set an invalid option whereas Java 6 silently swallowed them. The option using the problem was soTrafficClass. Investigations showed that this option had no effect for Cluster Channel Receivers so it was removed. (markt)
fix 53513: Fix race condition between the processing of session sync message and transfer complete message. (kfujino)
Web applications
fix Update JSTL version information in the JNDI section of the documentation web application. (markt)
fix 53524: Correct a typo in the cluster how-to section of the documentation web application. Also fix a handful of spelling errors. (markt)
fix 53601: Clarify in documentation that building Apache Tomcat 7 from sources requires a Java 6 JDK. (kkolinko)
fix 53653: Allow for wrapped source code example in config/context.html. Patch provided by Terence Bandoian. (schultz)
update 53793: Change links on the list of applications in the Manager to point to '/appname/' instead of '/appname'. (kkolinko)
fix Avoid potential NPE identified by Find Bugs in (markt)
fix 53606: Fix potential NPE in TcpPingInterceptor. Based on a patch by F. Arnoud. (markt)
fix 53607: To avoid NPE, set TCP PING data to ChannelMessage. Patch provided by F.Arnoud (kfujino)
fix 53701: Javadoc fixes. Patch provided by sebb. (markt)
code Remove some unused code from Tomcat's package renamed, cut-down copy of Commons BCEL used for annotation scanning. (markt)
add 53735: Add support for Java 7 byte code to Tomcat's package renamed, cut-down copy of Commons BCEL used for annotation scanning. (markt)
Tomcat 7.0.29 (markt)released 2012-07-08
add Add support for searching for roles in JNDI/LDAP using another value than the actual DN or username specified. Rather it will use a value from the users directory entry. The new attribute introduced to the JNDIRealm is userRoleAttribute (fhanik)
fix Fix checking of recommended tcnative library version when using the APR connector. (rjung)
update 50306: Improve StuckThreadDetectionValve: add stuckThreadNames property as a pair for the stuckThreadIds one, add thread ids to the log messages. (kkolinko)
add 52135: Add support for a default error page to be defined in web.xml by defining an error page with just a nested location element. It appears this feature was intended to be included in the Servlet 3.0 specification but was accidently left out. (markt)
fix 53450: Correct regression in fix for 52999 that could easily trigger a deadlock when deploying a ROOT web application. (markt)
fix As per section 1.6.2 of the Servlet 3.0 specification and clarification from the Servlet Expert Group, the servlet specification version declared in web.xml no longer controls if Tomcat scans for annotations. Annotation scanning is now always performed - regardless of the version declared in web.xml - unless metadata complete is set to true. (markt)
fix 53619: As per clarification from the Servlet Expert Group, JARs will always be scanned for ServletContainerInitializers regardless of the setting of metadata complete. However, if an absolute ordering is specified and a JAR is excluded from that ordering it will not be scanned for ServletContainerInitializers nor will it be scanned for matches to any HandleTypes annotations. (markt)
add 53465: Populate mapped-name property for resources defined in web.xml. Based on a patch by Violeta Georgieva. (markt)
add Make the request available when establishing a WebSocket connection. (markt)
fix 53467: Correct a regression in the fix for 53257 that introduced problems for JSPs that used characters that must be encoded if used in a URI. (markt)
fix 53430: Avoid a JVM crash when a connector that requires the APR/native library is explicitly specified and the library, or a recent enough version of it, is not available. (markt)
fix 53421: Provide a more helpful error message if a getter or setter cannot be found for a bean property when using expression language. (markt)
fix 53460: Allow container to handle errors if the creation of the PageContext fails rather than swallowing the error. (markt)
Web applications
fix Update the WebSocket examples in the examples web application so that they work with secure connections (wss) as well as non-secure (ws) connections. (markt)
fix 53456: Minor corrections and improvements to the HTTP connector configuration reference. Patch provided by sebb. (markt)
fix 53459: Correction and clarifications to the SSL Connector configuration examples in the SSL how-to. (markt)
fix 53464: Correct reference to sample init.d script for use with jsvc in the documentation web application. (markt)
fix 53473: Correct the allowed values for the SSI option isVirtualWebappRelative which are true or false. (markt)
fix Document roleNested property of JNDIRealm in Configuration Reference. (kkolinko)
fix 53445 (r1354173): Allow configurable name for SlowQueryReportJmx (fhanik)
fix 53416 (r1354641): Multiple pools with the same name should register under JMX (fhanik)
fix Fix cleanup of temporary files in TestNamingContext test. (kkolinko)
fix Remove a few files from the source distribution that are not required since they are copied / generated during the build. (markt)
fix Add manifest files to the set of files for which the line-ending is changed to match the OS defaults in the source distributions. (markt)
code Align Jk Ant tasks definitions between antlib.xml and catalina.tasks files, introducing jkupdate as synonym for jkstatus. The latter one is deprecated. Simplify bin/catalina-tasks.xml, replacing taskdef with typedef and adding Ant condition implementations used with JMX to jmxaccessor.tasks file. (kkolinko)
fix 53454: Return correct content-length header for HEAD requests when content length is greater than 2GB. (markt)
Tomcat 7.0.28 (markt)released 2012-06-19
fix 52055: An additional fix to ensure that the ChunkedInputFilter is correctly recycled. (markt)
add 52954: Make DIGEST authentication tolerant of clients (mainly older Android implementations) that do not follow RFC 2617 exactly. (markt)
update 52955: Implement custom thread factory for container start-stop thread pool. It allows to use daemon threads and give them more distinct names. (kfujino)
fix 52999: Remove synchronization bottleneck from the firing of Container events. (markt)
add 53008: Additional test cases for BASIC authentication and RFC2617 compliance. Patch provided by Brian Burch. (markt)
fix 53021: Correct WebSocket protocol version detection. (pero)
add Add new attributes of allow and deny to UserConfig. (kfujino)
fix 53024: Fix context reloading so requests received during the reload are paused and processed when reloading completes rather than receiving 404 responses. (markt)
add Improve the handling of watched resources so that changes trigger a reload rather than a stop followed by a start which allows requests received to be paused and processed when reloading completes rather than receiving 404 responses. (markt)
fix Remove potential bottleneck on creation of new WebSocket connections. (markt)
fix 53047: If a JDBC Realm or DataSource Realm is configured for an all roles mode that only requires authorization (and no roles) and no role table or column is defined, don't populate the Principal's roles. (markt)
fix 53056: Add APR version number to tcnative version INFO log message. (schultz)
fix 53057: Add OpenSSL version number INFO log message when initializing. (schultz)
update Save a bit of memory in annotations cache in DefaultInstanceManager by trimming annotation lists to their size. (kkolinko)
fix Correctly configure the parser used to process server.xml so that external entities may be used to include the content of external files into server.xml. (markt)
fix Make sure ContextMBean#findFilterDefs returns correct filter definitions. (kfujino)
add Ensure that maxParameterCount applies to multi-part requests handled via the Servlet 3 file upload API. (markt)
fix 53062: When constructing absolute URLs for redirects from relative URLs ensure that the resulting URLs are normalized. (markt)
fix 53067: Ensure the WebSocket Servlet continues to work when requests are wrapped. (markt)
fix Enable host's xmlBase attribute in ContextConfig. (kfujino)
fix 53071: Use the message from the throwable (if there is one) when generating the report in the ErrorReportValve and no message has been specified via sendError(). (markt)
fix 53074: Switch to an infinite socket timeout by default for WebSocket connections. (markt)
fix 53081: Do not always cache resources loaded by the web application class loader since they may be very large which in turn could trigger a memory leak. Calls to the web application class loader's getResourceAsStream() method will now access the resource directly rather than via the cache in most cases. (markt)
fix 53090: Include superclasses when considering injection targets. Patch provided by Borislav Kapukaranov. (markt)
fix 53161: Provide a better error message if a ClassFormatException occurs during annotation scanning and do not prevent the web application from starting in this case. (markt)
fix 53180: Improve check for setter method when processing annotations. Patch provided by Violeta Georgieva. (markt)
fix 53225: Fix an IllegalStateException due to the JAR file being closed when accessing static resources in a JAR file when urlCacheProtection="false" in the JreMemoryLeakPreventionListener. (markt)
fix 53230: Changed ManagerBase to throw TooManyActiveSessionsException instead of IllegalStateException when the maximum number of sessions has been exceeded and a new session will not be created. (schultz)
fix 53257: Ensure that resources, including JSP files, that have names that include characters with special meanings in URLs (such as ampersand, semicolon, plus, hash and percent) are correctly handled. This bug is partially a regression caused by the original fix for 51584 and partially an existing issue that had not previously been identified. This fix reverts the original fix for 51584, correctly fixes that issue and fixes the additional issues identified by the test cases that were also added as part of this fix. (markt/kkolinko)
fix 53266: If a class specified in a @HandlesTypes annotation on a ServletContainerInitializer is missing log a more helpful message and do not prevent the web application from starting. (markt)
fix 53267: Ensure that using the GC Daemon Protection feature of the JreMemoryLeakPreventionListener does not trigger a full GC every hour. (markt)
fix 53285: Do not require security-role-ref elements to contain a role-link element. (markt)
fix 53301: Prevent double initialization of pre-created Servlet instances when used in embedded mode. (markt)
fix 53322: When processing resource injection, correctly infer property name from its setter method if the name starts with several uppercase characters. (kkolinko)
fix 53333: When processing JNDI resources, take account of the types of any specified injection targets to ensure that the resource definition and the injection target types are consistent. Based on a patch provided by Violeta Georgieva. (markt)
fix 53337: Forwarding via a RequestDispatcher to an asynchronous Servlet always failed. Includes a test case based on code by Rossen Stoyanchev. (markt)
fix 53339: Ensure WebSocket call backs (onOpen etc.) are called using the web application's class loader. (markt)
fix 53342: To avoid BindException, make startStopThreads into a demon thread. (kfujino)
fix 53353: Make the internal HTTP header parser more tolerant of Content-Type values that contain invalid parameters by ignoring the invalid parameters. It is a followup to bug 52811. (markt)
fix 53354: Correctly handle @WebFilter annotations that do not include a mapping. (markt)
fix 53356: Add support for servlets mapped explicitly to the context root of a web application. (markt)
fix 53366: Ensure new HTTP header parser works correctly when running Tomcat under a security manager. (markt/kkolinko)
fix 53368: Configure the default security policy to allow web applications to use WebSocket when running under a security manager. (markt/kkolinko)
fix 53373: Allow whitespace around delimiters in <Context> aliases for readability. (schultz)
fix 52858, CVE-2012-4534: Correct fix for high CPU load. (fhanik)
fix 53138: Broken Sendfile on SSL introduced in 7.0.27 (fhanik)
fix 52055: Additional fix required to ensure that InputFilters are recycled between requests. (markt)
fix 53061: Fix a problem in the NIO connector whereby if the poller was under low but consistent load (>1 request/per second and always less than 1 second between requests) timeouts never took place. (markt)
fix 53063: When using an Executor with BIO, use the executor's maxThreads as the default for maxConnections. (markt)
fix 53119: Prevent buffer overflow errors being reported when a client disconnects before the response has been fully written from an AJP connection using the APR/native connector. (markt)
add 53169: Allow developers to avoid chunked encoding for a response of unknown length by setting the Connection: close header. Based on a patch suggested by Philippe Marschall. (markt)
fix 53173: Properly count down maxConnections (fhanik)
update Update default value of pollerThreadCount for the NIO connector. The new default value will never go above 2 regardless of available processors. (fhanik)
add Allow to retrieve the current connectionCount via getter from the endpoint and as JMX attribute of the ThreadPool mbean. (rjung)
fix Correct an edge case where Comet END events were not send to connected clients when the Tomcat connector was stopped. (markt)
fix 53406: Fix possible stack overflow on connection close when using Comet. (fhanik)
fix Improve InternalNioInputBuffer.parseHeaders(). (kkolinko)
add Implement maxHeaderCount attribute on Connector. It is equivalent of LimitRequestFields directive of Apache HTTPD. Default value is 100. (kkolinko)
fix 48097#c7, 53366#c1: If JSP page unexpectedly fails to initialize PageContext instance, write exception to the logs instead of silent swallowing. (kkolinko)
fix 53032: Modify JspC so it extends enabling it to work with features such as namespaces within build.xml files. (markt)
fix Avoid NPE when reload if a state of a BackupManager is FAILED. (kfujino)
fix 53087: In order to avoid that a backup node expire a session, replicate session access time in BackupManager. (kfujino)
add Add support for SecureRandom to cluster manager template. (kfujino)
Web applications
fix Remove obsolete bug warning from Windows service documentation page. (rjung)
add 50182: Various improvements to the Compression Filter. Patch provided by David Becker. (markt)
fix 52853: Clarify how Jar Scanner handles directories. (markt)
fix 53158: Fix documented defaults for DBCP. Patch provided by ph.dezanneau at (rjung)
fix 53203: Correct documentation for the default value of connectionTimeout attribute for AJP protocol connectors. (kkolinko)
update 53289: Clarify ResourceLink example that uses DataSource.getConnection(username, password) method. Not all data source implementations support it. (kkolinko)
fix Fix several HTML markup errors in servlets of examples web application. (kkolinko)
fix 53398: Correct spelling of "received" in the Manager application's XML output. (markt)
fix 53403: Update a reference to the Servlet specification in the first web applciation section of the documentation web application to include newer versions of the specificarion. (markt)
fix 50864 (r1311844): JMX enable most pool properties (fhanik)
add 53254 (r1340160): Add in the ability to purge connections from the pool (fhanik)
update 53367 (r1346691): Prevent pool from hanging during database failure (fhanik)
update When a connection is reconnected due to failed validation make sure the ConnectionState is reset or it will assume incorrect values (fhanik)
fix 53374 (r1348056): Add support for the following properties in DataSourceFactory: commitOnReturn, rollbackOnReturn, useDisposableConnectionFacade, logValidationErrors and propagateInterruptState. Based on patch proposed by Suresh Avadhanula. (kkolinko)
update Update to Eclipse JDT Compiler 3.7.2 at maven tomcat-jasper.pom. (pero)
update Update the native component of the Tomcat APR/native connector to 1.1.24. (markt)
fix Add missing dependencies in pom files. (markt)
add 53034: Add project.url and project.licenses sections to the POMs for the Maven artifacts. (markt)
fix Properly mention jsp_2_2.xsd in the main LICENSE and INSTALLLICENSE files. (kkolinko)
fix 53115: Fix using the command "catalina.bat run" when the value of %TEMP% contains spaces. (kkolinko)
update Add dependencies and description to "validate" target in build.xml, so that it could be run separately. Improve BUILDING.txt and RUNNING.txt. (kkolinko)
Tomcat 7.0.27 (markt)released 2012-04-05
update Explicitly ignore empty path values in virtualClasspath attribute of VirtualWebappLoader class. Document that whitespace around the values is trimmed. Reformat documentation examples to make them more readable. (kkolinko)
fix Further improve fix for 51197 to allow an error reporting Valve to write a response body if sendError() is called during an asynchronous request on a container thread. (markt)
fix Correct fix for 51741 (r1307600): If VirtualDirContext class is configured with non-empty value of extraResourcePaths option (a feature added in 7.0.24), do not implicitly set allowLinking option to the value of true. If it is really needed, it should be set explicitly. (kkolinko)
add 52500: Added configurable mechanism to retrieve user names from X509 client certificates. Based on a patch provided by Michael Furman. (schultz)
fix 52719: Fix a theoretical resource leak in the JAR validation that checks for non-permitted classes in web application JARs. (markt)
code Code clean-up identified by 52723, 52724, 52726, 52727, 52729, 52731 and 52732. (markt)
fix 52792: Improve error message when a JNDI resource can not be found. (markt)
fix 52811: Fix parsing of Content-Type header in HttpServletResponse.setContentType(). Introduces a new HTTP header parser that follows RFC2616. (markt/kkolinko)
fix 52830: Correct JNDI lookups when using javax.naming.Name to identify the resource rather than a java.lang.String. (markt)
fix 52833: Handle the case where the parent class loader for the Catalina object does not have the system class loader in its hierarchy. This may happen when embedding. Patch provided by olamy. (markt)
add 52839: Add a unit test for DigestAuthenticator and SingleSignOn. Patch provide by Brian Burch. (markt)
fix 52846: Make sure NonLoginAuthenticator registers not MemoryUser but GenericPrincipal into a session when UserDatabaseRealm is used. (kfujino)
add 52850: Extend memory leak prevention and detection code to work with IBM as well as Oracle JVMs. Extend unit tests to check direct and indirect ThreadLocal memory leak detection. Based on a patch provided by Rohit Kelapure. (markt)
add Add support for the WebSocket protocol (RFC6455). Both streaming and message based APIs are provided and the implementation currently fully passes the Autobahn test suite. Also included are several examples. A significant contribution to this new functionality was provided by Johno Crawford — particularly the examples. Contributions were also provided by Petr Praus, Jonathan Drake & Slávka. (markt)
fix When stopping a Context, ensure that any Servlets registered with JMX are unregistered. (markt)
code Make the implementation of Catalina.getParentClassLoader consistent with similar methods across the code base and have it return the system class loader if no parent class loader is set. (markt)
fix 52953: Ensure users can authenticate when using DIGEST authentication with digested passwords if the digested password is stored using upper case hexadecimal characters since DIGEST authentication expects digests to use lower case characters. Based on a patch provided by Neale Rudd. (markt)
fix 52957: Ensure that a Valve implements Lifecycle before calling any Lifecycle methods on that Valve. (markt)
fix 52958: Fix MBean descriptors for org.apache.catalina.realm package. (markt)
fix 52974: Fix NameNotFoundException when field/method is annotated with @Resource annotation. Patch provided by Violet Agg. (markt)
add Add support for multi-thread deployment in UserConfig. (kfujino)
fix Correctly register NIO sockets with poller after processing Comet events to ensure that no read events are missed. This fixes an intermittent issue observed in the unit tests. (fhanik/markt)
fix 52770: Fix a bug in the highly unlikely circumstance that an infinite timeout was specified for writing data to a client when using NIO. (markt)
fix 52858: Fix high CPU load with SSL, NIO and sendfile when client breaks the connection before reading all the requested data. (markt)
fix 52926: Avoid NPE when an NIO Comet connection times out on one thread at the same time as it is closed on another thread. (markt)
add Include port number when known in connector name when logging messages from connectors that use automatic free port allocation. (markt)
fix Don't try an unlock the acceptor thread if it is not locked. This is unlikely to impact normal usage but it does fix some unit test issues. (markt)
fix When using the APR connector ensure that any connections in a keep-alive state are closed when the connector is stopped rather than when the connector is destroyed. This is important when stop() followed by start() is called on the connector. (markt)
fix 52725: Use configurable package name for tags rather than hard-coded value so configuration actually works. (markt)
code 52758: Implement additional interface methods in Eclipse JDT integration required for Jasper to correctly with the latest Eclipse development code. (markt)
fix 52772: Ensure uriRoot is fully validated before it is used. Patch based on a suggestion by Eugene Chung. (markt)
fix 52776: Refactor the code so JspFragment.invoke cleans up after itself. Patch provided by Karl von Randow. (markt)
fix 52970: Take account of coercion rules when invoking methods via EL. (markt)
fix 52998: Partial fix. Remove static references to the EL expression factory and use per web application references instead. (markt)
fix 52998: Remainder of fix. Cache the class to use for the EL expression factory per class loader. (kkolinko)
fix 53001: Revert the fix for 46915 since the use case described in the bug is invalid since it breaks the EL specification. (markt)
fix Replicate principal in ClusterSingleSignOn. (kfujino)
Web applications
fix 52760: Fix expires filter mime type in javascript examples. (rjung)
fix 52842: Exception in MBeanDumper when dumping MBean for StandardThreadExecutor. (rjung)
update Bring built-in mime types for embedded Tomcat more in line with the ones defined in the default web.xml configuration file. (rjung)
add Add support to the JMXProxyServlet which is part of the Manager application for fetching a specific key from a CompositeData value. Updated documentation, so that the entire 'get' command for the JMX proxy servlet is documented, including the new optional 'key' parameter. (schultz/markt)
update Pool cleaner thread should be created using the classloader that loaded the pool, not the context loader (fhanik)
fix 52804: Make pool properties serializable and cloneable. (fhanik)
fix 51237 (r1302902): Slow Query Report should log using WARN level when queries are slow and within the threshold of caching it. (fhanik)
fix 52002 (r1302948): Add in configuration option to disallow connection reuse. (r1305862): useDisposableConnectionFacade is by default enabled (fhanik)
fix 52493 (r1302969): Java 7 DataSource method addition. (fhanik)
fix 51893 (r1302990): Throw an error and notification when pool is exhausted. (fhanik)
fix 50860 (r1303031): Add in option to configure logging for validation errors. (fhanik)
fix 52066 (r1305931): Add in configuration option, progagateInterruptState, to allow threads to retain the interrupt state. (fhanik)
fix 52750: Fix the way how parses command options so that more then one can be provided. (mturk)
update Rearrange validate-eoln target in build.xml so that it could be run ahead of compilation. (kkolinko)
update Update Apache Commons Daemon to 1.0.10. (mturk)
update Update the native component of the Tomcat APR/native connector to 1.1.23 and take advantage of the simplified distribution. (mturk)
update Update to Eclipse JDT Compiler 3.7.2. (markt)
Tomcat 7.0.26 (markt)released 2012-02-21
code Provide constants for commonly used Charset objects and use these constants where appropriate. (markt)
fix Refactor the fix for 52184 to correct two issues (a missing class and incorrect class/method names) when using the extras logging packages. (markt)
fix 52444: Only load classes during HandlesTypes processing if the class is a match. Previously, every class in the web application was loaded regardless of whether it was a match or not. (markt)
fix 52488: Correct typo: exipre -> expire. (markt)
add Add a unit test for SSO authentication. Patch provided by Brian Burch. (markt)
fix 52511: Correct regression in the fix for 51741 that caused a harmless exception to be logged when scanning for annotations and WEB-INF/classes did not exist. (markt)
code Refactor to remove a circular dependency between org.apache.catalina and org.apache.naming. (markt)
code Remove some initialisation code from the standard start process (i.e. via the scripts) that was intended for embedding but is not required when performing a standard start.(markt)
add Add new method to MBeanFactory that allows any Valve to be created and deprecate the methods to create specific Valves. (markt)
add Partial sync of MIME type mapping with mime.types from the Apache web server. (rjung)
fix 52577: Fix a regression in the fix for 52328. Prevent output truncation when reset() is called on a response. (mark)
fix 52586: Remove an old and now unnecessary hack that modified the path info reported via the javax.servlet.forward.path_info request attribute when forwarding to an error page. (markt)
fix 52587: Ensure that if it is necessary to fall back to the default NullRealm, the NullRealm instance is created early enough for it to be correctly initialised. (markt)
fix Fix millisecond output in AccessLogValve when using a SimpleDateFormat based time pattern. (rjung)
fix 52591: When dumping MBean data, skip attributes where getters throw UnsupportedOperationException. (markt)
fix 52607: Ensure that the extension validator checks the JARs in the shared and common class loaders for extensions. (markt)
fix Correct a threading issue in the generation of the list of standard authenticators during Context initialization that could lead to a web application failing to start if Contexts were started in parallel. (markt)
fix 52669: Correct regression that broke annotation processing in /WEB-INF/classes for web applications deployed as WARs, packageless classes and some embedding scenarios. The regression was introduced by the invalid assumptions made in the fix for 51741. (markt)
fix 52671: When dumping MBean data, skip attributes where getters throw NullPointerException. (markt)
add 51543: Provide a meaningful error message when writing more response headers than permitted. (markt)
fix 52547: Ensure that bytes written (which is used by the access log) is correctly reset after an HTTP 1.0 request has been processed. (markt)
code Minor refactoring to reduce code duplication in the HTTP connectors. (markt)
fix 52606: Ensure that POST bodies are available for reply after FORM authentication when using the AJP connectors. (markt)
fix 52474: Ensure that leading and trailing white space is removed from listener class names when parsing TLD files. (markt)
fix 52480: When converting class path entries from URLs to files/directories, ensure that any URL encoded characters are converted. Fixes JSP compilation with javac when Tomcat is installed at a path that includes spaces. (markt)
fix 52666: Correct coercion order in EL when processing the equality and inequality operators. (markt)
Web applications
update Improve BUILDING.txt. Update instructions for building. Add instructions for using Checkstyle and running the tests. (kkolinko)
add 38216: Improve handling of null return values in the JMX proxy servlet which is part of the Manager application. (kkolinko)
fix 52515: Make it clear in the Realm how-to in the documentation web application that digested password storage when using DIGEST authentication requires that MD5 digests are used. (markt)
fix 52634: Fix typos in JSP examples. Patch provided by Felix Schumacher. (rjung)
fix 52641: Remove mentioning of ldap.jar from docs. Patch provided by Felix Schumacher. (rjung)
fix Fix code style issues and enable Checkstyle checks for jdbc-pool when it is built within Tomcat. (kkolinko)
fix 51582 Correct set and reset the query cache to avoid NPE (fhanik)
fix Update Commons Daemon to 1.0.9 to resolve 52548 which meant that services created with service.bat did not set the catalina.home and catalina.base system properties. (markt)
add Implement check for correct end-of-line characters in the source files. It is run as separate target in build.xml. (kkolinko)
Tomcat 7.0.25 (markt)released 2012-01-21
Web applications
fix Restore format of the first line of error message for JMX proxy servlet in case scripts were depending on it. (markt)
fix When building a Windows installer do not copy whole "res" folder to output/dist, but only the files that we need. Apply fixcrlf filter only after the files are copied, so that INSTALLLICENSE file had correct line ends. (kkolinko)
update Remove res/License.rtf. The file that is actually shown by the Windows installer is res/INSTALLLICENSE. (kkolinko)
add Automate the OpenPGP signature generation for the release process. (markt)
fix Don't exclude directories named target from the build process. (rjung)
Tomcat 7.0.24 (markt)not released
add 52184: Provide greater control over the logging of errors triggered by invalid input data (i.e. data over which Tomcat has no control). (markt/kkolinko)
fix 52225: Fix ClassCastException in an Alias added to existing host through JMX. (kkolinko)
fix Do not throw IllegalArgumentException from parseParameters() call when chunked POST request is too large, but treat it like an IO error. The FailedRequestFilter filter can be used to detect this condition. (kkolinko)
fix 52245: Don't allow web applications to package classes from the javax.el package. Patch provided by pid. (markt)
fix 52259: Fix regression caused by the addition of the threaded component start (46264) that triggered a deadlock on startup if no Realm was configured. (markt)
fix 52293: Correctly handle the case when antiResourceLocking is enabled at the Context level when unpackWARs is disabled at the Host level. Based on a patch by Justin Miller. (markt)
fix In ExtendedAccessLogValve when printing %-encoded value of a parameter, use UTF-8 encoding to convert parameter value to bytes instead of platform default encoding. (markt/kkolinko)
fix 52303: Allow web applications that do not have a login configuration to participate in a SSO session. Patch provided by Brian Burch. (markt)
fix 52316: When using sendfile, use the number of bytes requested to be written to the response in the access log valve for bytes written rather than recording a value of zero. (markt)
fix 52326: Reduce log level for class loading errors during @HandlesTypes processing to debug. (markt)
fix 52328: Improve performance when large numbers of single characters and/or small strings are written to the response via a Writer. (markt)
fix 52384: Do not fail with parameter parsing when debug logging is enabled. (kkolinko)
fix Do not flag extra '&' characters in parameters as parse errors. (kkolinko)
fix Reduce log level for the message about hitting maxParameterCount limit from WARN to INFO. (kkolinko)
fix 52387: Ensure that the correct host is used when configuring logging when Tomcat is embedded. Patch provided by David Calavera. (markt)
update 52405: Align the Servlet 3.0 implementation with the changes defined in the first maintenance release (also know as Rev. A). See the JCP documentation for a detailed list of changes (markt)
fix Improve JMX names for objects related to Connectors that have the address attribute set. (markt)
fix Remove some stale attributes from MBeans. (rjung)
code Move destruction of ContainerBase objects to ContainerBase to ensure that they are destroyed. (markt)
fix 52443: Change the behaviour of the default Realm in the embedded use case so it is set once on the Engine rather than on every Context thereby avoiding the Lifecycle issues with having the same Realm set on multiple Contexts. (markt)
add Provide a new Realm implementation, the NullRealm, that does not contain any users and is used as the default Realm implementation (rather than the JAAS Realm which was used prior to this change) if no Realm is specified. (markt)
fix 52461: Don't assume file based URLs when checking last modified times for global and host level web.xml files. Patch provided by violetagg. (markt)
add Add test cases for the BASIC and NonLogin Authenticators when not using SSO. Patch provided by Brian Burch. (markt)
add 52028: A